Crystal Vision makes infrastructure and keying products for broadcast engineers in the television industry. Providing logo and chroma keyers and the full range of interface, we specialise in up and down converters, synchronisers, routing switches, audio embedders and video delays - products that regularly win the big project evaluations.


Chroma keying

Used by broadcasters throughout the world, our acclaimed and easy-to-use Safire real-time chroma keyers are ideal for any live bluescreen or greenscreen virtual application, from weather to the most demanding virtual studio.

Picture scaling

Crystal Vision offers a range of products that can resize and reposition video – ideal for picture-in-picture effects, squeezing the end credits to preview the next programme or squeezing a presenter to allow room for additional graphic material.

Logo and linear keying

You can insert any graphics on to video sources using our logo and linear keyers. Choose from products which include internal storage (the MultiLogos) or those that get their graphics via an external video input (the M-KEY, LKEY 3 and LKEY-SQZ) or via a web page (the M-WEBKEY).

Clip storage

Crystal Vision's clip stores are the most convenient way to add extra video sources to a mixer to enhance transitions, holding up to 60 seconds of moving HD video or 300 seconds of moving SD video.