Crystal Vision makes infrastructure and keying products for broadcast engineers in the television industry. Providing logo and chroma keyers and the full range of interface, we specialise in up and down converters, synchronisers, routing switches, audio embedders and video delays - products that regularly win the big project evaluations.

Video interface

AFD insertion and reading

Whether you need to insert Active Format Description data or read it, Crystal Vision can provide a suitable product. You'll find this AFD functionality in some of our synchronisers and up and down converters

Video distribution

Crystal Vision provides distribution amplifiers for the full range of video signals - whether you need to distribute analogue video, SDI, DVB-ASI, HD or 3Gb/s.

Video D to A conversion

Crystal Vision’s D to A converter continues to be popular with those working in Standard Definition environments and has been designed to connect digital signals to analogue equipment.

Profanity delay

Do you need to prevent expletives, obscene gestures, wardrobe malfunctions, bloopers, competitor mentions, coughing fits or technical problems from making it to air?

Colour correction

Whether you need to adjust the colours on in-shot plasma displays, set the range of colours for an encoder to transmit or correct computer-generated and post-production outputs, Crystal Vision provides a cost-effective and space-saving solution - with clever features not usually available at this price level


Whether you need to synchronise incoming video signals not locked to your local reference or compensate for timing delays within your video system, Crystal Vision's extensive range of synchronisers will be perfect for the task

Video A to D conversion

Crystal Vision's A to D converters have been popular since the company began. The decoders are perfect for bringing sources generated by cameras, tape machines, DVD players and graphics generators into a digital environment.

Routing and switching

Crystal Vision offers a variety of 2 x 2 switches and small routers for 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources - products that broadcasters rely on to keep them on air. Use them as your emergency transmission switch if you need to avoid broken equipment or use them to manually bypass products requiring maintenance

Video delay

No one does the range of video delays that we do. They are ideal for use anywhere you need to match delays in your system - virtual studio graphics, MPEG encoders/decoders, satellite and HD radio links, audio processing and profanity delays.

Up and down conversion

Working with 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources, our up and down converters will give you the best quality at the best price - with extra features for that really tidy system design. No wonder, then, that they are our top-selling products.

Fibre optics

Crystal Vision provides dedicated fibre optic transmitters and receivers for transporting 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources over large distances, which can be easily used in conjunction with any of our products