Super Slow Motion Cameras


Affordable High-Speed Box Camera for Sports The QDCAM system consists of a high frame rate / slow motion box camera, camera control unit, slow-motion video production server, and long-distance transmission system ideally suited for capturing sports or similar high-speed action. The camera boasts a global shutter CMOS sensor, a micro-four-thirds lens mount, and fan-less design to improve weather resistance. The QDCAM product line was selected as the 2022 NAB Show Product of the Year in the Monitoring and Measuring Tools category.


World’s first 4K ultra-high-speed camera, designed to be fully compatible with 2/3-inch B4 lens for live broadcast applications.


The Perfect High-Speed 4K Camera for Live Sports Coverage.


The worlds first high-speed camera designed for super-slow-motion acquisition at 4K resolution.

VFC-7000A Flash EYE

The VFC-7000 is an easy to operate variable frame rate camera that is capable of high-speed HD recordings.


Extracting desired 4K image areas to capture the action for HD replays is a smart new way to take advantage of shooting in 4K.