Multi Viewers

MV-1640IP IP Multi Viewer

Multi viewer that accepts up to 16 IP inputs for HD (3G/1.5G)*1 or four IP inputs for 4K*1 in redundant SMPTE ST 2110 environments*2 *3 for output via 12G-SDI or HDMI to 4K monitors in flexible layouts.


The MV-42HS is a 4-channel multi viewer that resizes and display up to 4 inputs of HD-SDI and SD-SDI signals on a single screen

MV-4000 Series

Up to 68 inputs, with 8-monitor/114-window outputs. Simplifies 4K workflows by accepting mixed input, including 12G-SDI. Layouts for each output can be freely customized.


Compact (1U) multi viewer for monitoring, featuring up to 16 inputs and 6 outputs. Build a versatile, flexible 4K (UHD) editing environment.


The MV-1620HS is a multi-viewer that supports mixed inputs of 3G, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, and analog composite signals.


Enables monitoring 4K footage on an HD or PC monitor. Supports quad-split screen of 3G-SDI input.