Founded in 1993, Brainstorm is a specialist company dedicated to providing industry-leading real-time 3D graphics and virtual set software solutions for broadcast, feature film production and corporate presentations. We are focused on assisting our clients to create highly engaging visual experiences for their viewers while reducing production costs, creating advanced solutions that are fast, reliable and flexible. Brainstorm has always been oriented to deliver the very best in 3D technology. In 1994, Brainstorm’s first milestone was also the first time a real-time 3D virtual set was used in live production in the history of television, an interview with Mike Oldfield for the promotion of his album “Songs from the Distant Earth”, for Antena 3 TV in Spain. Two days later, Brainstorm started a daily live weather show, the first complex daily show of this kind, and possibly the base of many live virtual shows of many formats broadcasted today. This was the first time 3D graphics were seamlessly integrated in this kind of shows. In these 25 years, Brainstorm has become a leading company in real-time 3D graphics, and increasingly recognized by broadcasters and filmmakers.

Virtual & Graphics Solution

Edison PRO

Edison PRO is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution for creating amazing live and online presentations. Users can start off with a simple PPT or PDF file and  then add rich


The most advanced virtual set and AR solution Infinity Set is not just the most advanced virtual set and augmented reality solution, but it integrates perfectly in any broadcast workflow and environment. InfinitySet acts like a hub for a number of technologies, from tracking systems to interaction with other devices, controllers, mixers, chroma keyers, NRCS workflow for journalists and those many more that configure the broadcast virtual production environment.


Designers choice for real-time 2D/3D motion graphics Aston is a 2D/3D motion graphics creation, CG and playout solution developed with the designers in mind, built from the ground up to be extremely user friendly so the operators can concentrate on creation rather than pure operation. Aston is resolution independent and works with any HDTV flavour, 4K or even higher resolutions for larger screens. In addition, Aston is MOS compatible and also supports a wide range of 3D formats such as .fbx, .dae, .obj and.3ds, to name a few.


OnDemand Multipurpose playout solution OnDemand is a flexible yet powerful playout solution that fits perfectly in any broadcast environment regardless of its complexity, allowing the playout and immediate broadcast of Aston graphics and templates, and edit them on the fly if required. OnDemand even allows users to control Aston projects when embedded in Infinity Set. OnDemand is so closely integrated with Aston that even understands the specific behaviour of any Aston graphic. OnDemand can cover any playout requirement while simplifies operation and protects from playout errors thanks to StormLogic.


Brainstroms pathway to broadcast graphics management Neuron is a MOS-compatible, template-based system that integrates graphics creation and management into most common newsroom, continuity and broadcast traffic operation environments, allowing users to integrate high-quality pre-defined 3D graphics to their workflow without the constant input from the Graphics Department.