Clear-Com is the leader in wired communications solutions. Our full-duplex communication solutions are available in 2-wire analog or 4-wire digital, connected over a variety of connectivity solutions such as microphone cabling, standardized CAT5/6 cabling, fiber or IP. These systems can be expanded to work with wireless systems and other third-party communications solutions and audio devices.

IP Communications

IP Connectivity for Eclipse HX

Components for the Eclipse HX Digital Matrix system that enable IP connectivity.

LQ® Series Interfaces

Add LQ Series IP interfaces to intercom systems for IP connectivity for Agent-IC mobile clients, SIP telephone lines, Eclipse HX matrix and HelixNet digital partyline systems.

IP Connectivity for FreeSpeak II

Transceivers for 1.9GHz FreeSpeak II beltpacks that can be connected over an IP network.

Trilogy Mercury Communicator Unit (MCU)

The Trilogy Mercury Communicator Unit (MCU) is a high performance peer-to-peer multi-operator station designed for critical communication in small to large-scale operations. The matrix-less architecture facilitates virtually unlimited scalability with each unit being able to simultaneously communicate with up to 64 endpoints and host up to 32 virtual panel applications.

Agent-IC® Mobile App

When your core intercom user group needs to include remote users away from the main facility, providing additional communication access could be a challenge and cost-prohibitive. Agent-IC mobile applications provides you with a cost-effective and fast-to-deploy solution that is complements traditional intercom systems such as the Eclipse HX digital matrix, Encore analog partyline and HelixNet digital partyline intercom systems. Agent-IC ...