Clear-Com is the leader in wired communications solutions. Our full-duplex communication solutions are available in 2-wire analog or 4-wire digital, connected over a variety of connectivity solutions such as microphone cabling, standardized CAT5/6 cabling, fiber or IP. These systems can be expanded to work with wireless systems and other third-party communications solutions and audio devices.

Audio-over-IP is the current driver for remote and network compliant intercom, and continued advances in IP technology allow greater flexibility with intercom communications. As one of the early pioneers in IP, Clear-Com has experience in leveraging advanced IP technologies and innovative product design to optimize signal transmissions over IP networks. Today, our IP solutions support major formats including Dante, AES67 with SMPTE® 21110-30 compatibility, and we offer solutions for internet and WAN operation. Providing cost-effective and extremely flexible wired and wireless solutions to distribute endpoints in virtually any place around the world, Clear-Com offers the most complete suite of IP intercom products.

IP Connectivity for Eclipse HX

Components for the Eclipse HX Digital Matrix system that enable IP connectivity.

LQ® Series Interfaces

Add LQ Series IP interfaces to intercom systems for IP connectivity for Agent-IC mobile clients, SIP telephone lines, Eclipse HX matrix and HelixNet digital partyline systems.

IP Connectivity for FreeSpeak II

Transceivers for 1.9GHz FreeSpeak II beltpacks that can be connected over an IP network.

Trilogy Mercury Communicator Unit (MCU)

The Trilogy Mercury Communicator Unit (MCU) is a high performance peer-to-peer multi-operator station designed for critical communication in small to large-scale operations. The matrix-less architecture facilitates virtually unlimited scalability with each unit being able to simultaneously communicate with up to 64 endpoints and host up to 32 virtual panel applications.

Agent-IC® Mobile App

When your core intercom user group needs to include remote users away from the main facility, providing additional communication access could be a challenge and cost-prohibitive. Agent-IC mobile applications provides you with a cost-effective and fast-to-deploy solution that is complements traditional intercom systems such as the Eclipse HX digital matrix, Encore analog partyline and HelixNet digital partyline intercom systems. Agent-IC ...

Wired Intercom

Clear-Com Encore® Analog Partyline Intercom Systems

Clear-Com Encore provides you with fast, simple and instant access to the person or persons you need to speak to the most on any given intercom channel. Unlike other communication options, this full-duplex platform allows people (on their independent user devices) on the same channel to carry out bi-directional, conversational-style communication, without being concerned with quality of the connection or ...

Eclipse® HX Digital Matrix Intercom System

Eclipse® HX is a highly scalable, extensible and programmable advanced digital matrix intercom platform for enabling non-blocking, bi-directional communication for small to large collaborative work teams. The system enables up to thousands of direct (point-to-point) and one-to-many (group and partyline or conference) audio and data signal distributions/connections. All systems can intelligently trunk over IP (Dante, AES67 and native), redundant Fiber, ...

Trilogy Gemini System

In high profile broadcast environments operating around the clock, communication by its very nature is critical to success. Proven reliability, capabilities and performance make the professional intercom system an absolute essential for any production. For private one-to-one, group and conference calls, Trilogy’s Gemini matrix intercom allows productions to simply and quickly initiate, conduct and manage conversations with simple user operations ...

Industrial Digital Intercom System

The Industrial Intercom platform delivers a simple, single-channel communications solution for sending and receiving digital partyline audio with audible and visual call signaling. It is an ideal solution for many users who are individually stationed at different locations in a large facility, warehouse, or theme park attraction and need to speak with another individual or talk to all users on ...

HelixNet® Digital Network Partyline Intercom System

The HelixNet® Digital Network Partyline Intercom System delivers intuitive and familiar workflows of Clear-Com’s analog partyline in a networked intercom system. Built on 50+ years of Clear-Com’s heritage and experience with the elegantly simple analog partyline systems, HelixNet is a next generation partyline intercom system for users requiring fast setups, effortless management, scalability, deployment quality and adaptability to traditional and modern cabling infrastructure without interference from channel crosstalk, noise or buzzes.

Wireless intercom systems offer the convenience of untethered, hands-free and full-duplex communication for mobile users, while providing the RF strength, flexibility and audio quality that you can depend on. Available as a standalone or integrated solution, Clear-Com carries the broadest range of wireless intercom options to meet virtually any technical requirement, budget, and environment.

DX340ES™Digital Wireless Intercom Systems

With the DX340ES, wireless intercom communication has become more portable and flexible. The system supports hands-free, two-way digital conversation with two-channel interfacing for intercom communications. Its compact design makes it highly portable and very quick to set up and operate. ...

DX100™ Digital Wireless Intercom Systems

DX100 is a simple, cost-effective and reliable wireless intercom system operating in the 2.4GHz band. Seamlessly communicate in hands-free mode or have a private conversation on a secured channel on either the durable beltpack or all-in-one wireless headset.

FreeSpeak Edge™ Wireless System

FreeSpeak Edge is a multi-channel duplex digital wireless intercom system. When deployed with an Eclipse® HX matrix frame with E-IPA-HX cards, customers can leverage an extremely high-density wireless solution. It uses the wide 5 GHz band and takes advantage of reflections to provide higher performance in the field where multi-path might affect other solutions. The wide bandwidths available enable very ...

DX300ES™Digital Wireless Intercom Systems

With the DX300ES, wireless intercom communication has become more portable and flexible. The system supports hands-free, two-way digital conversation with two-channel interfacing for intercom communications. Its compact design makes it highly portable and very quick to set up and operate. ...

WBS UHF Wireless Intercom Systems

WBS UHF Synthesized Wireless Intercom Systems combine frequency agility and powerful features to maintain high audio clarity and reliability. UHF frequencies are ideally suited for operating through obstacles. A variety of remote antenna options can help improve range in difficult, interference-prone production environments. WBS base station supports a maximum of four full-duplex wireless beltpacks.

UHF Wireless IFB

Wireless IFB (interruptible fold back) systems operate between 486.4MHz and 639.9MHz. They are used for one-directional communication. Directors and other management can use this to monitor program audio or for talent cueing and crew communications during a production. NOTE: This product is not approved for sale in Europe. NEW FCC REGULATIONS: Going forward, anyone selling a wireless microphone or other ...

FreeSpeak II® Digital Wireless Intercom Systems

FreeSpeak II is a five-channel, full-duplex wireless intercom solution, ideal for large-scale, complex designs or specialized applications--requiring team members to be untethered and talking in independent channels of communication. After years of field experience and refinement, FreeSpeak II has become the de facto standard for wireless intercom operation in the 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz band across various markets. The exceptional RF ...

DX410™Digital Wireless Intercom Systems

The DX410 system is the premier model within the DX Series wireless intercom systems. Delivering an overall better experience and value, this two-channel wireless intercom system features wideband audio technology, 2-wire and 4-wire bridging, and 2-wire auto-nulling for fast integration with Clear-Com or TW wired partyline systems. ...

DX121™Digital Wireless Intercom Systems

DX121 is a highly portable and versatile system operating in the 2.4GHz band. The super compact design makes it convenient for travel and storage.

DX210™Digital Wireless Intercom Systems

DX210 offers the perfect blend of wireless intercom performance, system compatibility with wired intercom systems, and ease of use. Operating in the 2.4GHz band, the DX210 delivers exceptional sound clarity and enables interference-free communication for highly demanding productions. The DX210 is a two-channel intercom system that has advanced the capabilities of the legendary DX200. It can interface with Clear-Com’s or ...

Signal Transport Solutions are collections of connectivity devices for linking, transporting, distributing and/or routing signals in a secure network. These devices can connect one or more traditional intercom systems over optical fiber or IP networks.

Gateway Bridging and Interoperability Portable

Clear-Com Gateway enables you to link and bridge different communications systems such as radios, intercoms, telephones and IP networks in order to deliver advanced radio bridging, radio interfacing and IP connectivity on a single platform.

LQ® Series IP Interfaces

LQ Series are Audio-over-IP interfaces for moving and distributing audio and communications signals to/from one or more communication points depending on your configuration. You can network geographically-dispersed audio and communications devices of any brand or technology type over secure LAN, WAN or even the Public Internet. You can also use LQ Series to scale your existing traditional intercom for system ...

FIM Optical Fiber Interface

Link Eclipse HX matrix system frames to remotely located Eclipse HX compatible user keypanels using existing fiber cabling or to temporarily locate panels when needed. It is a free-standing, bi-directional interface, converting analog audio and digital data associated with an intercom channel to-and-from an optical format for transmission over fiber.

ProGrid® Audio Network

ProGrid Audio Network Solution transports, distributes and routes signals from the intercom, audio, video equipment—independent of manufacturer or brand—quickly, cost-effectively and easily over a fiber and IP network. ProGrid offers redundancy, robustness, and reliability for small to very large infrastructural requirements.The ProGrid family consists of several categories of devices: Analog Audio Converter Devices, Intercom Interface Devices, Digital MADI Interface Devices, ...

BroaMan Audio Video Network

BroaMan audio video network devices are fiber-based devices necessary for routing, converting and multiplexing media on a large scale. The devices transport all types of signals, including digital and analog video, digital and analog audio, digital and analog intercom and all forms of control data on copper and fiber infrastructure. BroaMan devices take advantage of Optocore and SANE technology to ...

Clear-Com offers a versatile range of headsets, handsets, microphones and accessories that are designed for use with our intercom products to provide excellent audio quality, comfort and reliability.

Intercom Handsets

Intercom Handsets


Replacement headset foam pads, headset leatherette pads, microphone windscreens and other consumables.

Intercom Headsets

Intercom Headsets

Intercom Cables

Intercom Cables

DX Series Accessories

DX Series Accessories

Intercom Microphones

Intercom Microphones

Built on several generations of proven technology, the Trilogy Sync and Reference Generator produces synchronized video, audio and timecode signals, with a high level of reliability and accuracy. These devices are used to provide a master timing source for a video facility.

Sync and Reference Generator

The Mentor RG generates synchronized video, audio and timecode signals for broadcast and other mission critical system purposes to an extremely accurate time signature. For added security, the MasterMind is an auto-changeover unit for a highly resilient master generator solution in the event of a system failure.