Headsets & Accessories
Intercom Cables

Clear-Com offers a versatile range of headsets, handsets, microphones and accessories that are designed for use with our intercom products to provide excellent audio quality, comfort and reliability.

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CDC Recommendations

Clear-Com encourages the frequent cleaning and sanitization of our products. In light with best practices promoted by the CDC, we recommend that users not share headsets, microphones and other accessories with others. Everyone should have their own equipment or properly sanitize their accessories before lending out their equipment.

Compatible Intercom Microphones

Our gooseneck microphones are compatible with our intercom systems. Our microphones are compatible with Encore Analog Partyline, HelixNet Partyline, i-Series and ICS panel systems. All our different microphone series come with windscreens and are available in multiple sizes.

Interchangeable Cabling for Headsets

The CC-110, -220, -300 and -400 headsets have been designed so that the cabling and connector type can be adapted quickly to the application. Users can order cables with different XLR connector choices and appropriate pin-outs. To change the connector cable in the field, simply disconnect the cable from the headset and exchange the cable with a standard Phillips screwdriver. The same process can be used to repair and replace a damaged cable on the fly.

DX Series Accessories

The DX Series are wireless solutions operating the in the 2.4GHz frequency band for easy-to-use, affordable and secure communications. We have batteries and various battery charger stations capable of charging up to 4 batteries simultaneously. For the DX base we also offer a base station antenna and a 2-way antenna splitter/combiner for flexible spot coverage.

CC-26K (Last Time Buy)

Single open-ear, lightweight headset Over-the-head


Wrap around dual ear headset

CC-27 (Last Time Buy)

Single-ear, around-the-ear headset Foam earpad

CC-25 (Last Time Buy)

Single ear lightweight headset (Mini-jack)


IFB Ear Set Single-ear, listen-only

110 Series Gooseneck Microphones

110 Series of Gooseneck Condenser

GM Series Gooseneck Microphones

GM Series of Gooseneck Microphones

GN Series Gooseneck Microphones

GN Series of Gooseneck Condenser


Water-resistant IP54 rated Ergonomic shape,


Telephone-style Handset Includes wall/console mount


Dual channel 2-wire beltpack adapter


3-way intercom line splitter One

RMK200 Mounting Kit

Remote Mounting Kit for the

DX Antenna Splitter/Combiner

2-way antenna splitter/combiner Provides flexible

DX Base Antenna

4.7” reverse TNC DX base

DX Beltpack Pouch

Beltpack Pouch for DX Series wireless

Replacement headset foam pads, headset leatherette pads, microphone windscreens and other consumables. ...


202G136 Leatherette Slider Pad

Leatherette Slider Pad for CC-15

202G137 Temple Pad

Temple Pad for DX Series

500140Z Microphone Windscreen

Windscreen for GN-250 & GN-450

500096Z Microphone Windscreen

Windscreen for GM-9 & GM-18

110-xxx-WS Microphone Windscreen

Windscreen for 110 Series Microphones