Ikegami is a leading manufacturer of specialized cameras, image processing and transmission equipment. Ikegami was founded in 1946 in Tokyo, Japan. Today around 800 employees are working in 3 factories and 9 sales and service organizations all over the world. Ikegami has consistently created the most advanced products in all image processes, namely image, transmission, processing, recording and display. Ikegami Electronics Asia Pacific Pte.Ltd. (Ikegami APAC) in Singapore, was founded in 2014 and it is the sales and service organization for Asia Pacific except China,Taiwan,Korea,and Japan.


UHK-X700: 4K/HD Portable Camera

The new UHK-X700 4K/HD Portable Camera System marks a significant leap forward in reaching for reality. A newly developed CMOS sensor combined with the latest digital signal processing technology from Ikegami brings even greater naturalness to the uncompromising 4K image quality of the UHK-X700.

UHK-X750: 4K/HD Studio Camera System

The UHK-X750 is the flagship 4K/HD camera head for live and studio production with box lenses. Sharing the CMOS sensor with the global shutter and the digital signal processing technology with the UHK-X700, the UHK-X750 brings a naturalness to the uncompromising 4K image quality. The robust housing and the optimally placed and easy-to-use switches make it comfortable for the camera operator to perform their tasks, especially live coverage with super-telephoto zoom lenses.

HDK-X500: HD Portable Camera System

Featuring the latest 2/3-inch Global Shutter CMOS sensor combined with advanced digital signal processing technology, the HDK-X500 HD Portable Camera System brings uncompromised image quality with higher levels of performance. It is ideal for a broad range of production applications.

UHK-X600: 4K Upgradeable HD Portable Camera System

Featuring 2/3-inch Global Shutter CMOS sensors, three chip RGB prism optics, and conventional B4 lens mount. The UHK-X600 4K upgradeable HD Studio/Portable Camera System makes its debut as the third member of Ikegami ‘s UNICAM XE camera range, developed with “no compromise” for the HDR, IP, and 4K era.

UHK-X650: 4K Upgradeable HD Studio Camera System

A 3-CMOS optical system using a newly developed 2/3-inch CMOS sensor boasts an S/N of 62dB and a sensitivity of F11 (1080/50p) / F10 (1080/59.94p) in HD. The high dynamic range of the sensor produces high-quality images with excellent color reproduction. The CMOS sensor incorporates a global shutter pixel architecture, enabling the camera to capture natural images even under challenging situations. Still frame replay of fast-moving objects is free from geometric distortion. And there are no flash bands when the camera is shooting under strobe lights or flashes from still cameras.


The camera employs 2.6 Mega pixel 2/3-inch CMOS image sensors, achieving superior quality HDTV video with horizontal resolution of 1000TVL, SNR of 62dB or more, and sensitivity of F11.


The UHL-43 is a one-piece Native 4K Ultra High Definition Digital Multi Purpose Camera, employing the same sensors as the UHK-430/435 “UNICAM XE” series cameras, and achieving the same performance. The camera provides the same operation and same workflow as the UHK-430/435 system cameras, and due to its compact one-piece form factor, it supports various POV applications such as flash and studio robotic camera, jib and Steadicam camera, traffic and weather camera, scoreboard camera, as well as, a wide range of surveillance applications. Moreover, the camera provides various kinds of 4K main output including 12G-SDI and Quad Link 3G-SDI, realizing flexible 4K system integration.


The UHL-F4000 is a 4K/HD 3CMOS Multi-Purpose separate optics 2-piece camera, featuring a compact, lightweight, and low power consuming camera head (optical block), which makes the camera especially well suited for helicopter camera applications. As the succeeding model of the HDL-F3000, the F4000 is newly equipped with Global Shutter CMOS sensors, which capture natural images completely clear of geometric distortion during still frame analysis and flash band effects. The F4000 is also newly capable of outputting 4K and Cutout HD images, but its significant low light capability has been passed down from its former model. Additional improvements in its image processing functions such as Variable Contrast Control, Image Sharpening Function, and Digital Zoom Function (from 1.1x to 10.0x) will broaden the F4000’s usage.


2.6 Mega pixel high performance CMOS sensors The camera employs 2.6 Mega pixel 2/3-inch CMOS image sensors, achieving superior quality HDTV video with horizontal resolution of 1000TVL, SNR of 60dB or more, and sensitivity of F12.