Compact and cost-efficient character generator. Provides a wide array of text and graphic functions at an affordable price.

LiveBoard Mini

LiveBoard Mini

ClassX Products

ClassX is an IT company that develops high performance, reliable software and complex systems for graphics content management. With more than 20 years experience, the technology developed by our team of engineers has provided solutions to meet the needs of more than 1000 customers in many countries. TV stations, Broadcasters, Government Organizations, Universities, News Agencies, Betting Channels and more are among our clients.

LTG-50HS Title/Logo Generator

The LTG-50HS is an HD/SD logo/title generator capable of superimposing camera titles, the date and time, logos, and graphics on input video signals.


MBP-200TB2 is CG Player that is equipped with Thunderboltâ„¢ 2 interface.

Brainstorm eStudio

Broadcast-quality, real-time 3D graphics software. Due to the flexibility of it open architecture, this software is used in many applications, including: virtual and RCG production, presentations, visualization/pre-visualization, and education.


The DSK-400 is a 4K (UHD) keyer with 12 inputs and 8 outputs for 3G-SDI. Add DSK-400CK for 4K chroma keying.


Annotate or draw on video using a touch-screen computer monitor or wirelessly connected tablet as you check the point of insertion.