LTG-50HS Title/Logo Generator

The LTG-50HS is an HD/SD logo/title generator capable of superimposing camera titles, the date and time, logos, and graphics on input video signals.


Character displays

  • Fonts: Two types of display fonts (Gothic and Roman)
  • Text: Up to 40 characters x 10 lines per page
  • Pages: Up to 256 pages with max. 400 characters
  • Font size setting: Five font size settings by line
  • Font edge setting: Font edge ON/OFF and change colors by line
  • Font color setting
  • Text transparency setting
  • Display position: Adjustable within 80% of the effective screen area
  • Date and time display (with external correction input)



Special displays

  • Remote control on text, color, and other settings
  • Bitmap image display function that enables logos and graphics to be displayed at any selected location
  • Standard configuration features a LAN interface as well as RS-232C for allowing easy display setting and display character registration from a PC
  • Crawl display: Can be set for any selected line (max. 256 characters/line)
    *Can be set to a max. 2 lines (256 characters for 1st line, 128 characters for 2nd line)
  • Includes software for easy typing and setting via PC as well as weekly page control scheduling