Video Switchers

*This information is as of December, 2022. All specification and contents are subject to change without prior notice.

1 M/E video switcher with 3G/HD-SDI and HDMI interfaces. Features frame sync and proc amp functionality for all inputs. Options include NDI® and SD-SDI*connectivity.

* Can be used with some HVS-100DI-A/DO interfaces.
  NDI® is a registered trademark of Vizrt Group.


HVS-190S: Separated Main Unit/Control Panel Type

  • 8 inputs/5 outputs*1, expandable to 20 inputs/11 outputs*1 (optional).
  • Add up to 3 HVS-NIF*2 cards for NDI® connectivity (4 inputs/2 outputs per card).

HVS-190I: Integrated Main Unit/Control Panel Type

  • 8 inputs/5 outputs*1, expandable to 16 inputs/9 outputs*1 (optional).
  • Add up to 2 HVS-NIF*2 cards for NDI® connectivity (4 inputs/2 outputs per card).

    *1 Maximum varies depending on the options configured but includes 1 HDMI output.
    *2 Optional, to be supported. For details, contact your FOR-A dealer.


  • Keyer, chroma keyer, multi viewer, still/clip store, macro, and event memory functionality are standard.
  • Browser-based control and setup supported: Simply connect a computer for convenient control and setup from a web browser.
  • Supported expansion includes additional multi viewer output, still/clip footage backup to an added SSD, and more (optional).


  • Optional card for NDI® connectivity. Supports High bandwidth NDI®* and NDI®|HX input and output, with 4 inputs/2 outputs per card. Add up to 3 cards to HVS-190S or 2 to HVS-190I. Proc amp, tally light control, remote camera operation (PTZ), and other functionality included.
    * To be supported. 

Live solutions with NDI® and IP streaming

  • Easily add devices or computer content compatible with NDI® output (such as videos, videoconferencing streams, presentations, or computer graphics) to SDI systems. Reliable baseband switchers can also be added to your NDI® system.
  • Two-way communication with multiple video, audio, control, or tally systems using only Ethernet cables.
  • Add output from PTZ cameras, webcams, smartphone camera apps, computer content, or other sources and freely transmit or route video/audio from a single switcher to multiple devices.
  • Useful for broadcasts, live coverage, corporate occasions, or other situations of all kinds, regardless of the scale of the event.

  • * For details on control panel for remote control of HVS-190S, contact your FOR-A dealer.

  • Examples of application

    PTZ camera control 
    Control PTZ cameras, tally lights, or other devices from a single switcher while supplying video and audio from multiple cameras using only Ethernet cables. Ideal for small-team production.

    Mixed SDI/NDI® production
    Video feeds with both on-site and remote performers can be sent to the switcher along with computer content. In addition to the PGM bus, provides an ample selection of Aux buses (12) that can be used to send any video back to remote talent.

    SDI/IP simulcasts
    Simultaneously with SDI playout, connect to streaming sites via an IP stream, enabling mixed or coordinated broadcasts of both sources.