Super Slow Motion Cameras

Affordable High-Speed Box Camera for Sports

The QDCAM system consists of a high frame rate / slow motion box camera, camera control unit, slow-motion video production server, and long-distance transmission system ideally suited for capturing sports or similar high-speed action. The camera boasts a global shutter CMOS sensora micro-four-thirds lens mount, and fan-less design to improve weather resistance. The QDCAM product line was selected as the 2022 NAB Show Product of the Year in the Monitoring and Measuring Tools category.

High-Speed Shooting


  • With 1920 × 1080 pixel FHD resolution, 4 × speed shooting at 239.8 fps or 200 fps is possible. In combination with a slow-motion server, smooth slow-motion playback can be performed, making high-precision sports analysis possible.


High-Resolution Shooting

  • 3840 x 2160 / 59.94fps, 50fps
  • 4096 x 2160 / 24fps, 23.98fps

Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor

Global shutter image sensor provides excellent picture without rolling shutter distortion in a quick moving object. Global shutter sensor is suitable for sports shooting.

Micro Four Thirds Lens System

  • High picture quality with affordable price
  • Capability of Iris/Focus remote control
  • Various kinds of lenses can be used

High-Precision Multi-Camera Synchronized Shooting

Multi-Camera Synchronizing Exposure System

The exposure timing of multiple cameras can be synchronized with high-precision without being affected by differing camera cable lengths. This allows the video from multiple cameras to be frozen simultaneously, preventing any timing deviation when switching to a video from a different angle. This also can improve the calculation accuracy of automatic sports referee systems which use images from multiple cameras.

Multi-Camera High-Speed Video Synchronizing Playback System

When linked with a QDVS recorder/player, high-speed video from multiple angles can be synchronized for slow-motion playback or frame-by-frame playback, allowing the video to be checked for sports referee calls.

Optical Transmission Using a Fiber Optic Camera Cable

You can use optical transmission system using SMPTE standard fiber optic camera cables which are installed in stadiums and other facilities frequently used for sports broadcasting.

Remote Camera Operation Using a LAN/IP Network

Box cameras for city view, weather view or other purpose, installed in a distance, can be controlled remotely by PC through an IP network.

Example of System Configuration

Basic System

A simple system can be used as long as it is within the range that can be connected using a 3G-SDI coaxial cable with the maximum allowable length.

Fiber Optic Camera Cable Transmission System

When operating in a stadium for sports broadcasting, or in cases where transmission over a large distance is required such as when using an OB van, optical transmission system can be used. When supplying power to the camera via the optical camera cable, the maximum camera cable length is 500 m. When power is supplied directly to the cam-site unit, the maximum length can be extended to 2,000 m.

Multi-Camera Central Control System

Remote control via an IP network is possible by performing LAN conversion of the RS-422 communication line used for camera and lens control. A QDCAM control app for Windows PCs is available, and up to 99 cameras and lenses can be controlled from a single Windows PC. The QDCAM control app allows independent control of each camera, as well as central control of a specified camera group. Cameras can also be identified by IP address, and controlled using the QDCAM controller (ROP).

IP Network Remote Control System

An information camera, such as weather view camera, city view camera or traffic camera, which is installed in a distance from operation center, can be controlled via an IP network. In the same way as the multi-camera central control system, the QDCAM control app is used. When a video encoder is used, the video can also be transmitted using the same network.

Slow-Motion Video Production

Connecting to a Video Production Server

By connecting to a video production server or similar device, it is possible to perform slow-motion playback of live sports and to edit the highlights. Learn more about Envivo Replay

Connecting to the Slow-Motion Recorder/Player QDVS

The QDVS-1000 slow-motion server (recording/playback switching type) captures uncompressed QDCAM 240 fps high-speed video and records it by loop-recording in internal memory. When recording is stopped, it can perform FHD 60 fps slow-motion playback, frameby-frame playback, and freeze-frame display. The playback speed and frame-by-frame playback can be operated as needed by keyboard operations or by using the optional jog controller or T-bar.

QDVS-1000 25-second recording, HDMI output
QDVS-3000 5-minute recording, HDMI output
QDVS-5000 45-second recording, 10-bit support SDI output

Camera Interface