Crystal Vision makes infrastructure and keying products for broadcast engineers in the television industry. Providing logo and chroma keyers and the full range of interface, we specialise in up and down converters, synchronisers, routing switches, audio embedders and video delays - products that regularly win the big project evaluations.

Audio interface

Audio embedding

Whether you're dealing with analogue or digital audio, the TANDEM range can provide the answer for every embedded audio application, from the most basic to the most sophisticated.

Audio delay

Crystal Vision provides a range of products for delaying your audio - whether that audio is separate or embedded.

Audio conversion

Crystal Vision's two audio converters give excellent 24 bit performance when converting between analogue and digital audio, giving out clear, noise-free audio.

Audio distribution

Our audio distribution amplifiers will make the most of your rack space, with our quad channel analogue DAs and dual channel AES DAs.

Audio processing

If you need to alter your separate audio signals, the flexible ADP 310 can provide audio processing for multiple channels of analogue or digital audio.